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Zimmermann Bondi.jpg



Level 3, Westfield, Bondi Junction



202 m²


Studio McQualter



October 21

The new Zimmermann store is located on Level 3, Westfield Bondi Junction.  With Studio McQualter, who have designed all Zimmermann stores globally, Zimmermann have pushed a number of new design innovations that focus not only on bringing an enjoyable shopping experience, but also keeping Zimmermann's sustainability commitments in mind.

This store has been primarily built from blocks from the hemp crop mixed with lime.  This material, known as hempcrete, is considered a carbon negative material as it removes more carbon than it emits into the atmosphere during its entire life cycle.

The interiors of the store were decorated with natural, water-based paint and the space features a variety of vintage furniture and pieces, including the vintage teak door, salvaged from the demolition of The Cumberbatch Building, Trinity College, Oxford.

The attention to detail with custom moulded light shrouds, wall profiles and light fittings is awe-inspiring.

Alexander interiors has been working with the designers, Studio McQualter for almost 20 years, and we have completed many Zimmermann shops during our partnership with them.  We can honestly say that this is one of the best projects we have been able to work on and are very proud of the outcome.

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