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Bills Restaurant Double Bay.jpg

Bills Restaurant,
Double Bay


18 Cross Street, Double Bay



200 m²


Jules Meacham and Bruce Knockles



April 2020

This is the second Bills restaurant completed by Alexander Interiors, however due to Covid it was completed in 2 stages. In early 2020 the shopfront was completed directly for the Landlord and then in 2021 the internal fitout was completed


Overall the fitout was completed on time however there was a high level of detail which toke an enormous amount of effort to get correct. The walls and ceiling had an internal cove making them flow into once surface, this cove then followed the internal and external radius on the corners of the walls. This created some confusion with contractors until all aspects came together onsite. The walls and parts of the ceiling were also finished in a Level 5 plaster with gloss paint which required the walls to be flat and extremely smooth.


The main feature ceiling is a Boral acoustic ceiling with perforations and insulation above which after installation was coated with special render finish to hide the perforations in the plasterboard.


The landlord required all water proofing to be tested before covering and due to the programing of the project the waterproofing was done in 4 separate batches which added pressure to the overall program.


The commercial kitchen was completed by the client’s nominated contractor under the supervision of Alexander Interiors and there was a high level of coordination of the Air conditioning services to minimise access panels in the main feature and gloss painted ceilings


The banquette seats were ordered by the client and manufactured in Indonesia and as such the walls were set out to exact measurements to ensure the banquettes fitted when they arrived.

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